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Star Smog Check

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Hensley's Auto Smog Check And Repair Santa Rosa
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  • Free re-test if you fail

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  • Open since 2003

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  • RV smogs ok

Hensley's Auto is a full service star smog and repair shop located in Santa Rosa.  We offer a free re-test if your vehicle fails.

Drop in smog checks are ok.  We will get you in and out fast.

What is involved in doing a smog check?

              (Basic Overview)

Visual inspection

Make sure all required emission components are installed and free from visual defects and modifications.

Functional inspection

Check engine light is not on and vehicle monitors are set.  Vehicle doesn't smoke.

Emission inspection

On 1999 and older model year vehicles emissions are checked for complience.

Star Smog Check Station Santa Rosa
Waiting Room Free WIFI And Coffee

In California, STAR certification is a designation given to certain smog check stations by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). STAR stations must meet higher performance standards established by the BAR, and they are subject to more rigorous performance monitoring than regular smog check stations. These standards are designed to ensure that STAR stations provide high-quality inspections and emissions testing.

Here are the key points about STAR certification:

1. **Higher Standards**: STAR stations must meet specific performance standards that are measured through the BAR's inspection and maintenance performance metrics. 

      Short Term Measures - If you don't fail anything that;s a flag.  Vehicles need things fixed.  The age and miles of the vehicle are          taken into account for  this measure.

     The FPR (follow up pass rate) score is the hardest stadard to meet.  All the vehicles you smog and pass are followed into the next       smog inspection  cycle (two years later)  to see if they pass.  If a large percentage of the vehicles you pass fail in the next cycle         your score will go down.  


2. **Continuous Monitoring**: STAR stations are continuously monitored to ensure they maintain the required standards. This includes the accuracy of the inspections and the integrity of the testing process.

3. **Eligibility for Certain Vehicles**: Some vehicles, such as those identified as high emitters or those requiring biennial smog checks, may be directed to STAR stations for their smog inspections.

4. **Random Audits**: STAR stations are subject to random audits by the BAR to ensure compliance with the performance standards and regulations.

5. **Types of STAR Stations**: There are two types of STAR stations: Test-Only stations, which can only perform smog tests, and Test-and-Repair stations, which can both test and repair vehicles.  Hensley's Auto is a start test and repair station.

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