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Star Smog Check

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Hensley's Auto Smog Check And Repair Santa Rosa
  • $20 Off Smog

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  • Free re-test if you fail

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  • Open since 2003

  • We smog everything

  • RV smogs ok

Hensley's Auto is a full service smog and repair shop located in Santa Rosa.  We offer a free re-test if your vehicle fails.

Drop in smog checks are ok.  We will get you in and out fast.

What is involved in doing a smog check?

              (Basic Overview)

Visual inspection

Make sure all required emission components are installed and free from visual defects and modifications.

Functional inspection

Check engine light is not on and vehicle monitors are set.  Vehicle doesn't smoke.

Emission inspection

On 1999 and older model year vehicles emissions are checked for complience.

Star Smog Check Station Santa Rosa
Waiting Room Free WIFI And Coffee

                                                                                                What is a star smog check?

A STAR smog check is a type of emissions test required by the state of California for certain vehicles to ensure they meet the state's strict air quality standards. The STAR program is part of California's efforts to reduce air pollution and improve public health.

STAR stands for "Smog Check Test-Only and Test-and-Repair." The STAR program applies to certain vehicles that are identified as having higher emissions or being more likely to fail a smog check. These vehicles are required to have their emissions tested at a STAR-certified smog check station.

During a STAR smog check, a certified technician will use specialized equipment to measure the emissions produced by the vehicle. The technician will check the vehicle's exhaust system, catalytic converter, and other components to ensure they are functioning properly and meeting state emissions standards.

If the vehicle passes the STAR smog check, it will receive a certification that it meets California's emissions standards. If the vehicle fails the test, the owner will be required to have it repaired and retested before it can be registered with the state.

It's important to note that not all vehicles are required to have a STAR smog check. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will notify vehicle owners if their vehicle requires a STAR smog check at the time of registration or renewal.

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