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Smog Check Santa Rosa

Hensley's Auto Smog Check And Repair In Santa Rosa

Hensley's Auto is a full service smog and repair shop located in Santa Rosa.  We offer a free re-test if your vehicle fails.

Drop in smog checks are ok.  We will get you in and out fast.

What is involved in doing a smog check?

              (Basic Overview)

Visual inspection

Make sure all required emission components are installed and free from visual defects and modifications.

Functional inspection

Check engine light is not on and vehicle monitors are set.  Vehicle doesn't smoke.

Emission inspection

On 1999 and older model year vehicles emissions are checked for complience.

Star Smog Check Station In Santa Rosa
Waiting Room Free WIFI And Coffee

The smog check process can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the year it was manufactured. In general, the process involves the following steps:

Step 1:

Check-In at the office to the right when you arrive.  If there is room pull you vehicle one the green cube in front of the shop.  Pull all the way forward.


Step 2: Visual Inspection

The technician will perform a visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it is equipped with the required emissions control systems and that they are functioning properly. This may include checking the catalytic converter, air injection system, fuel system, and other components.

Step 3: Emissions Test

The technician will use a special machine to measure the emissions produced by your vehicle. The machine will connect to your vehicle's onboard computer and perform a series of tests to measure the amount of pollutants in the exhaust.

The emissions test can vary depending on the age and type of vehicle. For example, newer vehicles may require an OBD II test, which checks the vehicle's onboard computer for emissions-related issues. Older vehicles may require a tailpipe test, which measures the actual emissions coming out of the vehicle's tailpipe.

Step 4: Results and Repairs

If your vehicle passes the smog check, you will receive a certification that it meets California's emissions standards. You can then renew your vehicle registration with the California DMV.

If your vehicle fails the smog check, the technician will provide you with a report detailing the reasons for the failure. You will be required to have your vehicle repaired to correct the issues before it can be registered with the state.


Step 5: Re-Testing

After the repairs are made, you will need to have your vehicle retested to ensure it is now meeting California's emissions standards. Hensley's Auto offers 1 free re-test if your vehicle fail.

In conclusion, a smog check is a critical step in maintaining California's air quality standards. By ensuring that vehicles are not polluting the air, smog checks help protect public health and the environment. If your vehicle is due for a smog check, be sure to bring it to Hensley's Auto for your smog check.

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